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Anlyan Center VisionTrail VisionTrail ChapelStreet HistoricDistrict DetailAbove S h St Ho Howard Ave NorthFrontageRd OakSt ParkSt SouthSt SouthFrontageRd DavenportAve Howard Ave Cedar St CongressAve CollegeSt G ilbertSt WashingtonAve Gold St Prince St Lafayette St TowerLn Vernon St Daggett Ave Hallock Ave W ashington Ave MinorSt ColumbusAve PortseaAve CarlisleSt Loop St SpringSt Cedar St Salem St Cedar St Liberty St UnionAve S Church St UnionAve WaterSt S Orange St ColumbusAve Meadow St LongWharfDr SargentDr SargentDrExt Long W harf St BrewerySt CongressAve GeorgeSt CrownSt YorkSt CollegeSt hapelSt OrangeSt TempleSt ChurchSt OrangeSt FairSt WaterSt GeorgeSt CrownSt StateSt ChapelSt Grand OliveSt Jeffer HughesPl ChestnutSt StJohnSt WoosterPl AcademySt ChapelSt CourtSt ArtizanSt BrewerySt ChestnutSt Chestnut St BrownSt WoosterSt WarrenSt UnionSt UnionSt WaterSt OliveSt Sargent Dr SChurchSt GreeneSt I-91 I-95 Exit48 I-91 Exit2 I-95 Exit47 I-95 Exit46 North FrontageRd AmistadSt TUNNEL C hurch St Ext Cedar St Canal Dock North Frontage Rd Liberty St HighSt PutnamSt CenterSt CourtSt YALE-N E W HAVN M E I A L SC H O OL 9TH SQUARE AirRightsGarage 66YorkStShops 100ChurchStreetS Yale-NewHaven MedicalCenterEast YaleSchoolofNursing WrenDialysisCtr CTMental HealthCtr East Pavilion TraumaCareAdmin Childrens Hospital Smilow Cancer Hospital 55 ParkSt South Pavilion dward Harkness emorial Hal 60CollegeSt aris d Yale CancerCtrMary Hrkness Auditorium Sterling Cushing- Whitney Librar Sterlig Power Plant SPPC Boer ope Hunter Win- chester Bordan Clinic Dana Clinic Topkis PrimaryCar Ctr Farnam Lader Surery O-Gyn Bray ippard LabMRI tkinMedCenter ChildCare Yale Physicians Bldg Psychiatric Hospital CollegePlace PierceHoward Avenue Garage Wooster Square Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park Play- ground RussoPark Wooster Playground Lenzi Playground College Street Music allShubert Theater LongWharf Theatre StageII Keys tothe Cit Church Episcopal College Crown Hillel 900Chapel YNHMC Pharmacy Walgreens Tempe StreeGara e Temple Medical Center GatewayCommunityCollege SamsFood Hertz retty Rumberos Channel1 Sharon Cedarhurst Access Health Bu hanan HairArt Welch Annex Sch StAnthony ChurchRC Prince School Post O ffice Hill D opment Corp Boys Girls Clubs Lati o Youth Sub St D aggetSt Sq Welch Center Prince Professional Ctr Inspirational Church of Jesus Christ HighSchool intheCommunity St Casimirs Church Christopher Columbus Statue LaQuinta Inn Suites USPost Office Fire Head- quarters StMichaels ChurchRC StMichaels School USCourthse Giaimo FederalBldg RoyalVision CTFinancial Center yHall lof Records e New Haven Police HQGateway Ctr Knightsof Columbus Printing Plant StPauls Episcopal Church Metropolitan Business Academy Columbus Plaza StAndrew Society OmniNew Haven HotelatYale CT Transit Info ith hilsHair Conte Senior Center Emergency StBasils Greek Orthodox Church Tower One OneChurch MillenniumPlaza Conte Magnet School ightsof Columbus Museum Knightsof Columbus Supreme Council Hill Parent-Child DayCareCenter 10AmistadSt 2Church StS Alexion 300 GeorgeSt InstLibrar English Market BlueNile PitkinPlaza DevilsGear Sassys Euphoria NW Btq Merk Giampietro FreshYoga 9thSqMarket Elm City Market Sub way MillionMkt IKEA StateSt Station ShoreLine East New Haven Bennett Memorial Plaza al Criterion Cinemas irelli uildig H i Branch Librar Trow- bridge Square Pfizer 270 Congress Q U E S A ND RESTAURANTS CentrePointe CooperativeArts Humanities H.S. HO S P ITA UNION STATION RAILYARD Med School Operations 464CongressAmistad Park Long W harf Pier 350GeorgeSt 340GeorgeSt Frontier SubwayDunkinDonuts New Haven Hotel Sallys Apizza Fuel Coffee TheSpot Consiglios FrankPepe Libbys TonyLucilles LittleItaly TreScalini Abat JohnnySalamis BrazisRestaurant Codys Diner UnionStation AmtrakMetroNorth ShoreLineEast AvisRent-a-Car GreyhoundTrailways SubwayDunkinDonuts Hummels Deli EquinoxPhoSpice Dunkin Donuts Vitos Deli CafNine MarcoPolo Gotham Citi MeatCo 116Crown Outdoor Food CourtRoyalPalace Medi-terra-nea The Grove Artspace Dunkin Donuts Happy Life Cafe Jokers Wild Comedy Club mo SweetMarys Trinity KG CornerDeli Tikkaway Orange- side Deli Ninis Miso Skappo Cappuccinos PizzaCorner BNatural Caf GreekOlive K2 Fire ous 12 Thali Lennya JoesFish ToTweed NewHaven Airport ToPremiereHotelSuites andSageAmericanGrill Central New Haven 14 mile Parking Lot Parking Garage Public Parking One Way Street Street Number Expressway Parks Trails Water 300 Museum Arts etc Shopping Food Drink Nightclubs Hotels Club or Other Building Office Medical Academic Residential 2016 Hedberg Maps Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means without permission of the publisher is prohibited. Your comments corrections and suggestions are welcome. Please contact us at Hedberg Maps Inc. 800-332-STAY 545 Long Wharf Dr 4th Floor New Haven CT 06511 203-777-8550