Elm City Innovation Collaborative


About Elm City Innovation Collaborative

The Elm City Innovation Collaborative is a multi-party, highly collaborative consortium created to apply for an Implementation grant from CTNext's Innovation Places program. The program seeks to support entrepreneurs and leaders by developing places that will attract the talent high-growth enterprises need. New Haven was selected through a competitive, merit-based application process as being strongly aligned with the CTNext Innovation Places.

The purpose of the program is to develop key places to become magnets for talent, supporting entrepreneurship in higher education, and focusing more on growth-stage companies. It weaves together entrepreneurship support and relationship-building with physical planning and development. The end result of the program should be a vibrant location that draws people in to exchange ideas, break barriers and solve problems.

Committee Structure

 CommitteeStructure The Planning Committee determined there are five areas where the CTNext Innovation Place grant would maximize the positive impact in our community. The areas are:
  • Bioscience
  • Digital Divide
  • Digital Tech
  • Educational Institutions
  • Incubators/Development

Each committee will meet once a month to determine methods for achieving the program goals by identifying:

  • Immediate needs
  • Long-term trends
  • Potential partnerships
  • New projects
The subcommittees will report to the full committee to discuss the interdependencies between the subcommittees' issues and recommendations. Each committee will have a chair and a co-chair.

Committee Members

Steering committee

Slate Ballard, The Grove: Chair
Rich Jacob, Yale University of Federal Affairs: Vice-chair


Marcia Fournier, Bioarray Genetics: Co-chair
Liz Power, Achillion - Pharmaceuticals: Co-chair
Dr. Milind Deshpane, Achillion - Pharmaceuticals CEO
Tim Shannon, Arvinas - Pharmaceuticals CEO
Colleen Cuffaro, Canaan Partners

digital divide

Curtis Hill, Executive Director Cfal: Co-chair
Vicki Bozzuto, Gateway Community College: Co-chair
Martha Brogan, Director New Haven Public Library: Co-chair
James Barber, Director of Community Engagement at Southern Connecticut State University
Darryl Brackeen, Jr., New Haven Board of Alders
Bill Villano, Workforce Alliance
Melissa Mason, New Haven Works
Erik Clemmons, ConnCat
Julio Mansilla, A100

digital tech

Bruce Seymour, Founder and CEO MEA Mobile: Co-chair
Andy Greenawalt, President Gnostic Ventures: Co-chair
Sukh Grewal, Founder and CEO Veoci
Stephen Young, CEO Square 9
Alex Sulpasso, Director Operations Continuity
Barry Berman, President & CEO CRN - Radio
Derrick Draughn, Founder &President Draughn Solutions
Ben Berkowitz, Founder & CEO SeeClickFix
Alexander Clark, President & CEO Technolutions
Darice Gall, Technolutions
Michael Dunn, NetSecure
Julio Mansilla, A100
David Salinas, Found and Developer The DistriCT New Haven
Jim Boyle, Director Yale Entrepreneurship Institute

education institution

Rich Jacob, Yale University of Federal Affairs: Co-chair
Todd Ryder, Southern Connecticut State University: Co-chair
Brian Kench, PhD, Dean School of Business University of New Haven
Bill Aniskovich, Director Business Programs Albertus Magnus College
Dr. Christine Broadbridge, Dean of Graduate Studies, Research at Southern Connecticut State University
Ian Canning, Southern Connecticut State University
Brian Marks, PhD, Southern Connecticut State University
Vicki Bozzuto, Gateway Community College


Clio Nicolakis, Science Park Development Corporation: Co-chair
Slate Ballard, The Grove New Haven: Co-chair

Martha Brogan, Directory New Haven Public Library: Co-chair
David Salinas, Found and Developer The DistriCT New Haven
Christina Kane, The Grove New Haven
JR Logan, Executive Director MakeHaven
David Silverstone, President Science Park Development Corporation
Adam Muniz, Director Startup Grind
Jim Boyle, Yale Entrepreneurship Institute
Sue Rapini, Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

committee members

Krishna Sampath, Director A100 Software Training
Kevin Ewing, Baobab Studios
Fitz Walker, Jr., Founder and CEO Bartron Medical Imaging
Clay Williams, City of New Haven Small Business Office
Andy Wolf, City of New Haven Director of Arts, Culture and Tourism
Mike Piscitelli, City of New Haven Deputy Economic Development Administrator
Will Ginsberg, President & CEO Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Dorsey Kendrick, PhD, President Gateway College
Pam Walsh, Gateway Community College
Erika Lynch, Gateway Community College
Merilee Rousatt, Gateway Community College
Tyisha Walker, President New Haven Board of Alders
Malcolm Welfare, New Haven Public Schools
John Padilla, President Padilla Consulting
Sam Chauncey, Fouding President Science Park Development Corporation
Pedro Soto, President Spacecraft Manufacturing (Chairman New Haven Development Commission)
Lisa Van Zanten, Technolutions
Dr. Yvonne Akpalu, Why Science
Senator Gary Winfield, Connecticut General Assembly
Kyle Jensen, Yale SOM Entrepreneurship Program

Institutional partners

Kip Bergstrom, CTNext
Daryl Jones, City of New Haven Controller
Matthew Nemerson, Economic Development Administrator City of New Haven
Ginny Kozlowski, Economic Development Corporation of New Haven
Darryl Brackeen, Jr., New Haven Board of Alders
Nicole Licata Grant, UIL Holdings
Ted Norris, South Central Regional Water Authority
Konstantine Drakonakis, New Haven Director Launch Capital

What We've Done So Far

January 2017

Selected Chair & Vice-chair
Finalized sub-committees and co-chairs
Reviewed contest submissions and selected name for committee: Elm City Innovation Collaborative
Finalized schedule
Announced CTNext Workshop 1/24 8-10 a.m.

December 2016
*Governance Workshop
December 16 Notes

November 2016
Consultant presented background research and preliminary plan
Consult begin stakeholder interviews

October 2016
Selected a consultant
Received notice we won the planning grant
Consultant began research work

September 2016
Research and Scope of Work Meeting
Applied for the planning grant
*Conditions Analysis Workshop (CTNext)

August 2016
Vision and Goals Meeting

Contact Information

Karla  Lindquist
City of New Haven
Economic Development Officer
KLindquist@newhavenct.gov, 203-946-7810

Kathleen Krolak
City of New Haven
Office of Economic Development
KKrolak@newhavenct.gov, 203-946-6982

Usha Pillai
Economic Development Corporation of New Haven

Kevin Hively
Economic Development Corporation of New Haven