Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

129 Church St., New Haven


The Lean-Startup: Scoring to Win January 27 9:30 AM - Noon Associate Dean of the Business School and Professor of Entrepreneurship Drew Harris from Central Connecticut State University provides an overview of LeanStartup principles, what Startup Weekend judges look for and how to think like a winner. With commentary by frequent Startup Weekend Judge Mark Lassoff.

Why Startups Fail? Turning the Odds in Your Favor February 3 9:30 AM - Noon Agile Coach Elinor Slomba provides an overview of business model generation, with tips and case studies aimed at helping the new entrepreneur avoid common pitfalls. With input from Caroline Smith and Margaret Lee, co-directors of New Haven’s Collaboratory, this will open into a discussion about strategies for growing and stabilizing your business.

Agile Decision Making February 10 9:30 AM - Noon Ted Dinsmore, CEO of Spheregen, and Tim Holahan, co-founder of Broadstripes, give thoughts on keeping a team moving along effectively using Agile principles to make rapid, on-target decisions. Participants of past Startup Weekends will be on hand to provide relevant tips and takeaways.

Those who attend all three sessions will receive:

  • Digital badge of completion to use in email footers, LinkedIn Profiles, etc.
  • Day pass redeemable for up to 11 hours of free co-working (7am-6pm)
  • Choice of one free consultation: social media; finances; or business model canvas

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