b"8 Central New Haven 7 Hallock Ave Daggett Ave Center Welch6 Vernon St Bldg Yale Howard Ave Health Ctr 5 CT MentalHowe St YMCA 4 Coxe Cage Yale Bowl, Yale Field, St Raphael, To: Hospital of 3 Garden St PapaAustin Street Inn To: Westville, 2 Dickerman StColumbus Ave Sq Sub StDagget StMed Center St Pauls UnionChild Care Davenport Ave South St Oak StAME ChurchTemple Square Powerhousebridge Trow- Elementary School Roberto ClementeSalem St Cedar St Washington Ave s b u l h o C t &n i u s s t l r y a i Yo L o G B Post Office Cedar St Washington Ave Park Amistad Howard Ave Center Anlyan St Garage Ob-Gyn Hospital LibertyAvenue Psychiatric Cappuccinos Surgery & Congress Howard Ctr Lauder Pierce 270 Primary Care Farnam Hope Tompkins Brady Boyer Clinic Physicians Dana Clinic C Fitkin Cedar St Library Boardman Whitney Sterling Plant MRI Cushing- Lab Power chester LippardWin- Sterling Hunter H SPPC Auditorium Smith O Harkness O 60 College St Mary Emergency YA Court Pavilion L FoodSouthE Bldg Outdoor - S Hall N Harris E Hospital Memorial Childrens Harkness Edward Pavilion Hospital EastCancerSmilow Park St55 Pfizer Park St See Detail Historic District Chapel Street York St Theater Yale New YWCA &at Yale Four Study The Cabaret YaleHowe St College PiersonLynwood Pl Dwight St America Bank of Courtyard See Detail Shopping District Broadway Ray Dixwell Ave Goffe St Johns of Prayer House UnitedStation Fire Church Park Bethel BaptistEaton St of Christ Little Rock ChurchCatholic Center St Martin de PorresChapel Street Historic DistrictMuseum, Arts, etc Parking Lot North Frontage RdShopping Parking Garage ions at er p O ol Scho d MeFood & Drink, Nightclubs Public Parking McDonald George St h rc l u h p C o c s s i e p k u E L t SHotels One Way Street House Ronald H l l e v o NStreet Number Hill - - t r e p r R e t n EO Elm StBranch P W C a s i n Sushi Miyas Sperry St aClub or Other Building Expressway Library I aTandoorT HCancer Ctr A r a e Crown St Chapel St Rudys u h C M A h SAOffice Portsea St Yale L V NaanM E House of rc E aMedical Parks Congress Ave York St h i Z e w l m Te o s a ME Subway r a h P Y l C Mkt MiniHowe n o M e p i nN Flours GarageAcademic Trails Gilbert St y c a m C M H N g l Wa i d u t S Mamouns y a House Pizza mResidential Water C De HillDor v I Air Rights Garage s n e re o Gallery Sculpture Edgewood Ave by Marriott cp el South Frontage Rd Webster St1/4 mile Minor St op A Pizza Corner Howe St at Yale Whalley AveDunkin Donutsm D Le tay C Pare o F a Sar nt-C Hilld o s m tAr of SchonSe CCe hil rg o e 5 G 3ol Elm Ster L e 0 r t e e C d l o G l a h re C o s M a m o h T t S Cnt d t S ne rg o e 0 4 G 3 H Gr eot a Park St n p0el du e Lodge Tarry Eaton St1 Prince College St The High St Architecture School of Center Loria Broadway House TompkinsAmi School Gold St Alexion 300 t S Blake 149 York Theatre Yale ate Theater UniversityHouse u h r h C Broadway Collegest Congress Ave George St Art Repertory YaleRose Alumni College Davenport rc s i Ezra Stiles Tower Pkwyht s f i r o h h C rc s r u u i s h p e s C J PutnamSt n I Portsea Ave Liberty St dChurch (RC) St AnthonyCollege Placefor British University t Bristol Staa StYale Center Art Gallery College d a e s f H l Wo Barnes & Noblel a n o i t Yale Scho r ol of Nursing reet S Amistad St Lafayette St U O B J. EdwardsYale Bookstore Gymnasium Payne Whitney Lake PlColumbus Ave Wren Dialysis Ct Medical Center East Yale-New Haven 100 Church St ProfessionalOak St Connector North Frontage Rd LL Bean TheaterCarlisle St Prince St St S Oak St Connector C & l o C l U e l l i Q H I T College College Morse Center LanmanPrince2 Churchk n a r B e b i L George St Cooperative Arts n w ro e g e l Hall Music Street College Street o B k S Tower BranfordCollege Off-Broadway s Place y Toads r o M r e w o York Square Pln l uNew & Humanities s e l Harkness Ctr y t H.S.& Saybrook ELoop St S Church St TempleHotelHaven College St S Haven NewInfo Vanderbilt McClellan Chittenden Linsly- Chapel DwightCollege York St Studies GraduateHall of PMedicalCrown St A Elm StUnion Ave Center E N Wr TrumbullPlant T Hall Baker BonchonCriterion Theater Shubert D Bingham Connecticut ight P.O. 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EvansLa QuintaIKEA Academy Business Metropolitan Apizza Sallys Olive St State St Center for Theatre John Slade Chapel St for Grtr NH Comm Foundation WNPR New Haven Ballet Greater New Haven Arts Council of70 Audubon Lincoln St Whitney 221Village Suites New Haven La Quinta, Brazis, Wooster Shop Avraham Playground Court St Goldratts e i i . n S . H u r H A d . n p a o o CInstitute t a mBuilding Pirelli Academy St Church Casimirs St PastryLucibelloOrange St L Na eSargent Dr Sargent Dr Wooster St Brewery St Statue Trumbull St s t wn Cl w HavExit 47 I-95 Russo Park Columbus Christopher Square Wooster Greene St Hughes Pl State St Square Granite ub enConsiglios Lyon St William St Goodfellas RomeoThe Spot Cafe CafWater St Frank Pepe Wooster Pl Center Senior Conte St John St Grand Ave Bradley St Episcopal St JohnsCollege Pierson Dock Diner CodysBrown St Libbys Wooster Church (RC) St Michaels Eld StTony & Lucilles Pearl StCanal Little Italy Abat Square Society St Andrew School Jefferson St Osborn StLong Wharf Dr CoffeeBoathouse Canal Dock Franklin Chestnut StSt Chestnut St ground Play- School Magnet Conte St Michaels Chestnut St Playground LenziAdrianas Bradley St School & Church (RC) St StanislausModern Apizza LOrcio, Street District, To: Upper State Pleasant St Clark St Humphrey St Market NicasC A 7thur h d entist h-Dayvc Hedberg Maps, Inc.Joes Fish Tale Lenny and Airport New Haven To Tweed Tre Scalini Exit 48 I-95 I-91 Exit 2 I-91 Exit 3 I-91 LOrcio Martins Christopher Haven, August, Caf a Vin, Oak J P Dempseys, Modern Apizza, To: 37 College Branford"