b'HousingMilford DowntownWooster Square Full Send Productions/Market New HavenPicturesque New England towns and livelyWhile downtown New Haven has been a small cities make the region a desirable place forhotbed of residential construction and renovation, people of all ages. Strong schools and beautifulmany towns along Shoreline East and the recently parks and beaches provide an ideal setting tolaunched New Haven-Hartford-Springfield line are raise children, while an attractive mix of culturalbooming as well. institutions, restaurants and shopping make it anIf you prefer suburban living, Greater New Haven inviting destination for young professionals andoffers the beauty of shoreline living and bucolic empty nesters.rural towns all within 369 sq. miles. These towns After years of hovering at a 2% vacancy rate inembody the traditional vision of New England life housing rentals for years, residential and mixed-usewith modern amenities, including a robust Shore development is surging in downtown New Haven.Line East commuter rail service that services New Demand for urban living is no longer limited toLondon to New Haven. The median price for home Millennials. We are seeing increasing demand fromsales in the region is 210,000.Baby Boomers to Generation Z. Rent ComparisonOn its own, Greater New Haven is an awesome$5,000 Overall Average Rentplace to live. But if you had your heart set on Boston or New York, remember Greater New Haven is the$4,000 $4,041epicenter of these two cities at approximately one- $3,000half the rental price according to November 2018$3,020$2,000data from rentcafe.com.$1,000 $1,5600 New York Boston New HavenLOCATION OVERALLONETWOAVERAGE RENT BEDROOM BEDROOMNew Haven $1,560 $1,513 $1,762Boston $3,020 $2,831 $3,383New York $4,041 $3,757 $5,474Source: rentcafe.com360 State Street Full Send Productions/Market New Haven54'