b'Regional Economic Overviewminutes between New Haven and both Hartford and Stamford and a 60 minute commute between New Haven and New York. These changes will create a multiplier effect for Greater New Havens existing success.Top Economic Drivers1. Healthcare, Biomedical and Life Sciences2. Higher Education3 Arts, Entertainment and Tourism4. Advanced ManufacturingYale University and the Yale School of Medicine received nearly one-half billion dollars in National Institute of Health (NIH) funding during FY 2018, Yale School of MedicineMichael Marsland/Yale University placing New Haven in a class with Seattle, Boston, Baltimore, Durham, Philadelphia and other cities As a center of innovation, the region iswith advanced research centers. With the Yale expanding opportunities in tech and bio,School of Medicine driving growth, Greater New encouraging entrepreneurs and training a workforceHaven is now the 2nd largest biotech cluster in New to meet current and future needs. Private investmentEngland.*in housing and hotel development indicatesWhile Yale University and Yale-New Haven confidence in Greater New Havens anticipatedHealth System are the regions two largest performance. Employment in the region hasemployers, Greater New Haven has a healthy mix fully recovered to pre-recession levels. The newof firms across sectors. It is a hub of entrepreneurial governors agenda includes cost savings from theactivity, which feeds into the regions ethos as a regionalization of municipal services, creating ancreative place.all-digital government, increased investment in urban centers, and rail transportation goals of 30* Source: https://report.nih.gov/awardBehind EveryGreat HomeNO OBLIGATION IN-HOME DESIGN CONSULTATIONCONSTRUCTIONRENOVATIONWEEKLY SERVICEwww.aquapool.com(800) 722-AQUA (2782)HIC.0503482SPB.0000044NHC.0010353MA. LIC 113981RI. LIC 37265N.Y. LIC WC 5600-H93N.Y. LIC. PC 679MULTIPLE WINNER: TOP 50 POOL BUILDER IN USA!56'