b'Annual Industry Distribution of Jobs by Key SectorsFINDING THE PERFECT CAREERWith a broad spectrum of high-performing industries, job opportunities abound for residents. As noted below, the regions employment is concentrated in the fields of healthcare; higher education; arts, entertainment, tourism; and manufacturing. There is particularly strong demand for qualified candidates in manufacturing as well as computer coding. Candidates are encour-aged to actively networkANNUAL INDUSTRY DISTRIBUTION OF% JOBSwithin their industry throughJOBS BY KEY SECTORSassociation, entrepreneurial, and Chamber of CommerceHealthcare and Social Services 33.99% 75,462events. Establishing rela- Educational Services 23.08% 51,232tionships with local profes-sionals in your field is one ofArts, Entertainment and Tourism 15.22% 33,787the most effective methodsManufacturing 13.56% 30,097to learn about open posi-tions in our region. PleaseProfessional, Scientific and Technical Services 7.19% 15,958see rexdevelopment.comFinance and Insurance 4.79% 10,626for information on industry associations and upcomingInformation 2.17% 4,827events.Total Number of Jobs in Key Sectors 221,989Source: http://statsamerica.org/uscp/*New Haven County35%Annual Industry Distribution 30% of Jobs by Key Sectors25%20%15%10%5%0%HealthcareEducationalArts,Manufacturing ProfessionalFinance andInformationandServices Entertainment ScienticInsuranceSocial Servicesand Tourism and Technical Services57'