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New Haven – The state’s second most populous city is the state’s leading STEM city and winner of a 2019 Top STEM City Award based upon, ‘it’s exceptional dedication to advancements in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).’

That first-place award, from Insurify – an insurance quotes comparison site – was identified through a combined analysis of secondary and post-secondary education, professions, and diversity in STEM.

“New Haven’s commitment to STEM-related disciplines is reflected in several years-in-the-works projects like ESUMS, the Bioscience Career Ladder and Tech Career Ladder, the District, and the Ives Squared makerspace and Technology Center at the Ives Main Branch of the library,” Mayor Toni N. Harp said. “My administration made technology preparedness a priority – it’s gratifying to see those efforts recognized and acknowledged.”

In Connecticut, New Haven topped the list of STEM cities based upon these criteria: proportion of residents in STEM-based careers, the high schools, colleges, and graduate schools with the best programs in STEM, by state, and cities with the highest rate of diversity in STEM.

“Not only does STEM play an integral role in all aspects of life, but also, it has shifted priorities in education,” Insurify said in its announcement of New Haven’s top ranking. “Scholars and teachers alike emphasize the importance of an education in science, math, and engineering, and in colleges across the country, students tend to gravitate increasingly towards degrees in STEM-related fields.”

“Research at private companies, government institutions, and universities has continued to shape and improve our lives, from breakthroughs in medicine to rideshare apps to an ever-growing wealth of accessible information on the internet,” Insurify added.

Insurify named its top STEM city in each state; in doing so, New Haven is featured alongside these other technology-oriented cities: Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.



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