Below is the Vision Statement of the 2013 CEDS.  Beneath it is our strategic action plan to propel the region forward to meet the goals and objectives set forth.
The South Central Connecticut region of 2033 will be widely recognized as a diverse and desirable place to live, work, play and run a business because of its:
  • Outstanding quality of life South Central Connecticut
  • Strong economy and extensive employment opportunities served by effective transportation and communication infrastructure
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial character of its residents and businesses
  • Cost-effective and well-managed local governments
  • Leadership in demonstrating regional pride, cooperation and problem solving

2018 CEDS 5-Year Update

The Strategic Planning Committee and sector subcommittees have been established and are currently gathering data and input from community stakeholders.


CEDS 2017 Annual Update

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CEDS 2016 Annual Update

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CEDS 2015 Annual Update

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CEDS 2014 Annual Update

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CEDS 2013 Executive Summary


CEDS 2013-2018 (Complete Document)

Appendix A: SPC Agendas/Minutes

Appendix B: Cluster NAICS Codes

Appendix C: Memoranda of Understanding

Appendix D: Business Report

Appendix E: Project Readiness