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Branford College at Yale University

  • Albertus Magnus College 203-773-8550 or 800-578-9160
  • Gateway Community College 800-390-7723
  • Quinnipiac University 203-582-8200
  • Southern Connecticut State University 203-392-SCSU or 888-500-SCSU
  • University of New Haven 203-932-7000 or 800-DIAL-UNH
  • Yale University Directory Assistance 203-432-4771


The region’s colleges and universities also create many permanent and temporary jobs through facility investment.

Quinnipiac University

  • 2023 - Recreation & Wellness Center ($45 million)
  • Underway South Quad including an academic building, School of Business, and residence hall - ($293 million)

University of New Haven

  • 2020 – Bergami Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation ($26 million)
  • In planning - Student center

Southern Connecticut State University

  • 2023 - School of Business ($52 million)
  • 2023 - School of Health and Human Services $74 million)

Yale University

  • Planning - David Geffen School of Drama
  • 2025 - Renovation of the Yale Center of British Art ($33 million)
  • 2024 – Yale Peabody Museum expansion and renovation ($160+ million)
  • 2023 - Center for the Humanities ($162 million)
  • 2023 - Physical Sciences and Engineering Building ($350 million)
  • 2023 -  Renovation of Klein Memorial Tower
  • 2023 - Renovation of Osborn Memorial Laboratories
  • 2023 - Renovation of 82-90 Wall Street

Costs are estimated.


Home to Six Colleges & Universities

The Greater New Haven area is home to an impressive array of six colleges and universities, including Yale University, Quinnipiac University, University of New Haven, SCSU, Albertus Magnus College, and CT State Community College Gateway. These institutions' collective contributions have significantly bolstered the region's economic landscape. Their investments are evident in numerous facets, from infrastructure enhancements and research initiatives to comprehensive educational offerings. These efforts have positioned them as pivotal engines of economic vitality.

In particular, Yale and Quinnipiac's expansion and renovation projects have transformed the physical campus landscapes and invigorated the construction sector. This has led to the creation of numerous jobs and has infused substantial capital into the local economies. Furthermore, the research activities spearheaded by faculty and students stand at the forefront of innovation and technological progress. These endeavors cultivate an entrepreneurship environment and attract considerable external funding.

The educational programs and training colleges and universities provide equip the workforce with critical skills and knowledge. This is increasingly important as industries evolve and require an adaptable, skilled, and competitive labor force. The collective efforts of Greater New Haven's colleges and universities have enriched the region's educational fabric and significantly contributed to its economic resilience and growth.

State colleges and universities offer programs catering to our current and future workforce needs. CT State Community College Gateway has a high number of credit-seeking students who are pursuing degrees. 90% of the student population is degree-seeking, with Nursing and Computer Science among the top five programs. This is a significant development as it could help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in these fields. Additionally, 70% of the students at the college are first-generation college students, of which 62% are female. Meanwhile, SCSU has seen high enrollment in healthcare studies, nursing, psychology, computer science, and marketing, with these fields being among the top five majors entering first-year classes in fall 2023.

Milestones & Accomplishments

Yale University

  • Yale is making landmark investments in the School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to accelerate Yale’s educational and research missions.
  • BioLaunch, a ConnCAT program supported by Yale and the Governor’s Workforce Council, aims to extend the benefits of the biotech boom to New Haven residents aged 18 to 26 interested in establishing a foothold in the biotech and biopharma space. It is being offered in collaboration with 10 New Haven-based biotech companies.
  • The Yale Center for Infectious Diseases opened with a mission to provide equitable, accessible care.
  • Yale University is constructing a new building dedicated to dramatic arts.
  • Yale will launch a new Center for Geospatial Solutions to enhance its research, training, and infrastructure in geospatial science, data, and analysis.
  • Yale University re-opened the Yale Peabody Museum after a four-year renovation, focusing on the university's educational mission and community engagement. With the reopening, the museum now offers free admission.
  • Yale University Divinity School's Living Village will be the largest living-building residential complex on a university campus. It is a key component of Yale's Planetary Solutions initiative, designed to meet the Living Building Challenge, the most aggressive standard for sustainable buildings today.
  • The newly renovated Yale Peabody Museum is a LEED-Gold-certified building that is expected to halve its energy usage while increasing its total size by 57,000 square feet.

Albertus Magnus

  • Albertus Magnus has two new graduate degree programs, a Master's in Healthcare Administration and a post-grad certificate in STEM Leadership.

Southern Connecticut State University

  • NSF Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Grant - SCSU received a $3.19 million grant to enhance the recruitment, retention, persistence, and graduation rates of students underrepresented in STEM fields.
  • NSF S-STEM ComBiNE grant is recruiting its second cohort to begin in Fall 2024. This program, "Preparing Computational Biologists for the New England Workforce (ComBiNE), is an S-STEM program funded by NSF to recruit academically talented students to pursue an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in computational biology.
  • A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Grant of $107,700 was awarded to SCSU to provide adaptive sports programming to veterans with disabilities in CT, contributing to the well-being and inclusivity of the veteran community.
  • The School of Business building opened in the fall of 2023, Connecticut’s first net-zero structure in terms of carbon footprint.

Quinnipiac University

  • Quinnipiac has opened a new 137,000 sq. ft. academic building called SITE, which is focused on Science, Innovation, Technology, and Exploration and is designed to be student-centered and state-of-the-art. The building is LEED-certified.
  • Quinnipiac University is set to open a new School of Business with a total area of 79,000 sq. ft. for the academic year 2024-2025. The building is designed to be LEED-certified.
  • The Grove, a 417-bed residence hall, will open during the academic year 2024-2025. The building is designed to be LEED-certified.


    • Yale University
    • Southern Connecticut State University
    • Quinnipiac University
    • Gateway Community College
    • University of New Haven
    • Albertus Magnus
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Updated January 2024