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The region, built upon a robust and diverse manufacturing base, abounds with small manufacturers using highly-skilled workers to produce precision, high-value-added products. With a high concentration of employees compared to the nation, primary and fabricated metal manufacturing, electrical equipment and electronic component manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing are particularly strong in the region. Connecticut has large aerospace and defense manufacturers and smaller companies supporting their component needs. The state’s aerospace and defense Regional Sector Partnership focuses on developing a workforce pipeline. Workers are retiring more quickly than a new skilled workforce can be educated. There is an opportunity to attract some retirees back into the workforce part-time, performing at a high level and mentoring new employees.

Manufacturing is a critical sector in the state. There are many resources to support it, including the statewide association of manufacturers ManufactureCT, the Manufacturing Innovation Fund (MIF) grants, and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. Although other states may offer a lower cost of doing business and fewer regulations, they lack our robust transportation system and advanced manufacturing technologies research, which creates opportunities for collaboration and innovation.