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Center for Engineering Innovation Design at Yale University


Greater New Haven has a strong foundation and several key elements that contribute to its status as a growing technology hub. The region's focus on biotechnology, startup support, collaboration, and access to talent makes it an attractive location for technology-driven entrepreneurs and companies. New Haven is a thriving technology hub with a supportive startup ecosystem. Yale University's expertise in computer science, biotech, and engineering has fostered innovation. Biotech companies and research centers have established a strong foundation for life sciences. Connecticut state initiatives and policies encourage tech sector growth and attract entrepreneurs and investors. The city benefits from a well-developed infrastructure and access to talented graduates from leading educational institutions.


Yale University is the primary source for technology transfer in New Haven. Since 2000, over 60 startups based on Yale IP in the New Haven area have raised over $1.1 billion in venture capital and $11 billion from public markets. In 2019, the Yale Office of Cooperative Research and the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute reported 1,367 cumulative active patents in 60 countries.