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Assessing the State of Economic Development in the RegionAdvanceCT

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Economic development is a critical component of any region's strategic plan. It is important that public officials across the municipal structure understand the intricacies of the local, regional, state, and global economy and develop a strong and successful economic development foundation for their region’s future.

To help Connecticut public officials facilitate such efforts, a collaboration of partners – including AdvanceCT (formerly CERC) and the Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS)- has developed a unique municipal economic development course.

The free 90-minute workshop is geared to all within a municipality or region who impact economic development, and is designed to get everyone working collaboratively. The curriculum will answer the following questions:

What is economic and community development?
Who is responsible for economic development?
What role does/should your “economic development team” and community play within the region?
How do you convince your residents and businesses of the importance of economic development?
How is your municipal and regional economy impacted by the state, national and global economy?

Additionally, attendees will receive information about research, marketing and general economic development practices, as well as resources and tools available to achieve economic development results.

The AdvanceCT team has conducted training in over 90 towns around the state with elected and appointed officials about the Fundamentals of Economic Development and other advanced economic development topics.


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